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Great place

David Smith Google Review

4 stars!

gideon linsday Google Review

I was on my way home to California from Eugene when my Jeep's engine completely stopped. Miles and the crew at Valley View were amazing, even though the problem was really serious (a spun bearing). They drove me to Medford to pickup a rental, and were able to get me back on the road as soon as the parts came. I don't know if they're the cheapest option around, but they're professionals who know engines and spend their day helping people stranded like me. Thanks for doing such an amazing job!

Raven Deerbrook Google Review

Great price and service. Worked on my 2010 diesel truck and saved me 2k from the dealer down the road. They have worked on all of my work vehicles and even do Sundays round the clock to get it back to you. Thanks guys!

Josh Reed Google Review

The service never disappoints. I have been here for pretty much all my car maintenance in the last three years. The crew is driven and is almost always having a good time.
Miles takes care of everything ensuring I know all my options before proceeding.
Thank you!

Gary Ewing Google Review

They put up with a lot of cheap here. World class techs who are passionate about their profession.

Jeremy Glenn Google Review

Rolled in (literally) last minute on a Sunday. They took great care of me and worked on my car immediately so I could get back on the road.

Kristin Anderson Google Review

Excellent service

Mark Richter Google Review

We had to stop at Valley view because we got Brake warning with a couple other warnings on our drive to Seattle. The mechanic made sure that he resolved the Brake issue and the other warnings which showed up were resolved. He also din’t charge for the service as he told it’s important for him to make sure that we have a safe journey.

kavya rajendran Google Review

5 stars!

Inbal Wenkart Google Review

All staff very friendly, helpful, prompt and replaced an Alternator on our RV within 5 hours and we were back on the road. Blessings to all the staff we really appreciated your help. Karen & Mike

Karen Casciato Google Review

5 stars!

Rose Atondo Google Review

Totally positive. 100% go to these guys, honest, fair, and professional, and they know what they are doing. They will answer any and all of your questions clearly and concisely.

Chris Manley
Ashland, Oregon

Chris Manley Google Review

Myles and his team helped us when our van broke down on a Sunday heading back to California!
Thank you!

Michele Eray Google Review

AC belt came off and ate a chunk out of our serpentine belt near the end of our 800 mile trip. We called them on Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm. Vince and Turbo had us back on the road in less than an hour. Fastest, most professional shop I've ever been to. In less than an hour they ordered the part, had it delivered, and back together. Thanks again.

Pan Jackson Google Review

5 stars!

Adrienne Hillman Google Review

These guys were awesome! Our SUV limped in with a completely flat rear tire. They were busy but still was able to peel a tech off to take care of our problem and get us safely back on the road within minutes. Best $15 I have ever spent!

Cynthia Farren Google Review

Great mechanics

Jonathan Peters Google Review

I would give them more stars if I could. The level of care and service here is impeccable. Took the car in to get the ac fixed. Their diagnostic fee is half that of the other shops in the valley. They called and told me what needed to be repaired and gave me an estimate and got my okay before doing the work. They had it done within a day, but the next day it wasn't working again. They had me bring it back at no charge and got it working again. Unfortunately the next day it had stopped working. They hadn't found a leak or anything major, but were determined to get it fixed. They spent another day searching and tests and finally found the smallest of cracks hidden in the most difficult of locations. The leak repair was way out of our budget and they were super understanding. I asked if they could work with me and refund some of the previous repair cost, which they agreed to. Once I got to the shop to pick the car up, they had decided to refund all but the diagnostic fee. I was shocked. They truly are there to serve and repair with honesty and compassion. I will be using them for all future mechanic needs and I highly recommend them.

Brieanna Brown Google Review

From fixing our family jeep, to an emergency repair on our rv, EVERYONE was professional and courteous and so fast. Thank you again!

Lina Schofield Google Review

My wife and I were headed to Crescent City for the day and a plastic cover under my car came off. They welcomed me within seconds and had my car on the jack in minutes. The worker then fixed it for me free of charge and 15 minutes later we were back on the road headed for the beach! Thank you to that worker you made what could of ruined the trip a breeze!

Colin Paisley Google Review

5 stars!

D MG Google Review

Cheapest pricing for excellent, friendly service!

FengShui Jae Google Review


Ben Treiger Google Review

5 stars!

Jamie Plumlee Google Review

Pulled in with a flat tire and they were so helpful they even let me borrow tools and helped with the wheel change

Reed Allen Google Review

5 stars!

Alex Lamoreaux Google Review

These guys are awesome. Good work, good people. Never been disappointed!

James Head Google Review

They were extremely friendly and fast; we had brake trouble and needed our pads replaced and they got on it quickly, finishing in a couple hours.

Taylor Bailey Google Review

Very good customer service

Larry Johnson Google Review

Myles and the team were amazing. They did an inspection on a car I was buying and were so thorough and knowledgeable. He was probably the most knowledgeable mechanic I've ever talked to

Jonathan Hester Google Review

Thank you Valley View Auto team. This shop does quality work. After reading many reviews, I decided to give these guys a shot. Anything I need done my vehicle will be done here. They go far above and beyond for customer satisfaction.

Isaiah S. Valley View Auto Repair Customer Review

Myles Johnson is the zen master of automotive repair, whether it be physical, electrical, interpersonal or financial. He will guide your automotive experience like an avatar.

ROY JOHNSON Google Review

Had a very courteous experience, was brought home and picked up. No worries, had bought a car there before and it ran great for the time i had it. Very satisfied customer here

Jeramy Stuart Google Review

Always great service.

Anna Wysocki Google Review

Thanks for all your help!

Emily Caldwell Google Review

4 Stars!

Aura Reichert Google Review

Stephanie Solowiej Google Review

Professional and courteous with diagnosising car trouble. Myles was super helpful

Wiley Volz Google Review

Brought our Prius in with my boyfriend. Was nervous at first because of previous reviews but we really believe They are turning it around. Josh was super honest helped us get our car back in the road and didn’t charge anything. 10/10

Kariana Music Google Review

Mohammed Osman Google Review

Myles and his team took great care of me. Experience, honesty, and integrity are all words that I will use to descibe this absolutely wonderful experience. They took care of me when the pass broke my car and made sure I was set up to finish the journey with my children. Thank you so much Valley View!!!

Amber Dal Porto Google Review

No1kissfanatic Google Review

While traveling on a family trip with my parents, Dads truck began leaking fuel. As a shop owner I was able to identify area but not cause, I was on vacation, lol. We left his truck at their establishment and continued on to our camp site in Northern California and awaited their call. Not only did they quickly diagnose the actual problem, but had them repaired the next afternoon as well for an incredibly small amount. Great service in a pinch, very friendly staff. If you find yourself in the Ashland OR area and in need of service, as a fellow shop owner, I would definitely recommend Valley View Auto Repair. Thanks for the great assistance guys, your service was greatly appreciated. Bob D.

Bob D. Valley View Auto Repair Customer Review

So friendly! They had my van back on the road in short order. Well done!

Annie Amato Google Review

Down to earth, skilled mechanics; genuinely good, trustworthy people.

Michelle Supelana-Mix Google Review

Valley View Auto Repair came to the rescue. My husband was traveling from Washington to California and had alternator failure in route. A sign on the highway directed him into Valley View Auto Repair with his Ford F-250 Diesel truck. I became distressed due to the circumstances surrounding the breakdown. He was over 650 miles from home, a senior with health and handicap issues, traveling with the family dogs and another family member who was following in a separate vehicle. Other important issues mandated his arrival in California that evening. Vince at Valley View Auto Repair stepped up to the plate. Parts ordered and on the way, while my family dined across the street, walked the dogs and relaxed. The replacement alternator was delivered promptly, and was installed in less than an hour. WHO DOES THAT!!! Vince's team at Valley Auto Repair. They made a difference to the waiting family and friends over 650 miles away. They made our day.

Kathleen Peterson Valley View Auto Repair Customer Review

5 Stars!

Jordin Crow Google Review

Very helpful, fast and good rates compared to other mechanics in the area. Being open seven days a week is a plus.

Matt Moore Google Review

My fiance, daughter, and I were heading over Mt Shasta yesterday on our way home to Portland when suddenly our van began violently and uncontrollably shaking and the wheels locked up.
The van had always been a little rumble-y, but two other mechanics had inspected it and chalked it up to "old van noises" and told us it was nothing to worry about and was safe to drive.
Something was now very wrong and we nursed it along at 30mph for HOURS until we found Valley View Auto Repair -- the only mechanic shop open on a Sunday within a hundred miles.
Myles politely let us know that there was a long wait (5+ hours) before there would be someone available to check out our van, but offered to give it a quick look in case there was something obvious. After 10 seconds under our van he had identified the problem that two other mechanics had failed to catch -- we had been driving with only 2 out of the 4 drive line bolts, and had just lost the 3rd which caused the sudden, dangerous shaking.

Because we were a family traveling from out of town and we had a dangerous issue with our vehicle, they moved us up the line to get us taken care of ASAP. It was fixed faster and cheaper than expected, and a few hours later we were on the road with the van driving smoother than it ever has before for us! All the rattling is gone and we are so, SO happy we found Myles at Valley View.
Thank you so much!

Margaux Goodman Google Review

I have been a long time customer at Valley Veiw Auto. Miles and Vince Take their time to answer all of my questions and go above and beyond the call of duty. I have always gotten more then I pay for. I feel like I can trust them and they always have a conservative yet comprehensive approach to the work they do and I LOVE THEM!
The entire team at Valley Veiw is amazing and I honestly believe it’s because the individuals that are leading that team are incredible people and great and what they do. THANK YOU Vally Veiw Auto repair.

Stephanie Shaw Google Review

5 Stars!

Chone Hansen Google Review

OMG.. How lucky am I to have followed my boyfriends suggestion to go to Valley View auto repair. I was hesitant after seeing Google reviews posted here. However, I now think perhaps these people went somewhere else and thought they went to VVAR. Today, AAA towed my vehicle to valley view. Miles. the Mechanic, without hesitation found the problem in less than 2 minutes and resolved it. FREE, no less, amazing. 5 minutes later we were on the road heading down the highway. Thanks Valley View much appreciation to all. Miles thanx for your help.

jody h Google Review

Saved me!

Karen Kay Google Review

Whats with only 3 stars this place deserves 10 stars ! Very knowledgeable and they helped me get my car back on the road when i really needed it. Thanks Guys!

Eduardo Garcia Google Review

Pulled off the freeway at this exit for fuel in my truck. Large cloud of smoke comes out from under hood. I plull over and see that a battery has failed. I look across the street and there's a repair shop. They say it could take an hour to see me, then realize that I'm with my wife and two year old son. They pull me right in, get the electrical issue sorted and a new battery installed in under an hour. Very proficient. Very methodical. Very much worth my time checking in vs getting a tow.

Kelsey Waters Google Review

Half way through a long road trip, I unfortunately had to have my engine replaced. The team at Valley View Auto were great, especially Miles who gave honest and detailed advice. They let us sleep in our campervan in their lot overnight and have bathrooms, free water and coffee.

Karl Anderson Google Review

These guys are awesome, super helpful and friendly. They work hard to satisfy your needs and do really awesome work. Myles is a great guy to work with. They go above and beyond to help you.

Tina Rumery Google Review

Had a very good experience here while driving through town on a van trip. We broke down. They got us back on the road without excessive financial pain. They were clear and detailed in their explanations of the issue. Not pushy as to a certain course of action. They also expedited our repair, this was over a weekend. Smart and kind mechanics!

george schreiber Google Review

Well I read the feed backs, But our story is our own and not judging the station, well here goes we were on our way back to Fresno Ca. from Vancouver Wa. going over the grade over the Mountain only four miles from the Calif. border and we broke down. Called AAA for tow at three in the Sunday morning. Tow truck driver got there at about four-o- clock and I was going to have him tow us to Reeding Ca. 130 miles away and we only had 100 mile tow and would have to paid for thirty miles. My wife the tow truck driver if he knew about a good diesel mechanic. He said that he knew of a great mechanic, but he was back where we came from exit 19. So we got towed to that location and it was the same spot that we had just filled up. We got there about five-o-clock. the gas attendant said that the mechanics don't start till 8:00 am . so we waited till then and Myles put this kid on my truck and worked on it for three hours on and off. took six codes off computer and cleared them. and took it for a test drive and no codes came back. he said that he thought it was the high pressure oil pump. Myles said we could leave it and they can had it fixed. I told him if he was closer to our home I would but we had to get home due to us both needed to work. so I asked Myles what we owed him, and he said nothing. We were so surprised we couldn't believe it. I gave him sixty dollars and told him that lunch was on us. and we made it safe to Fresno Ca. Thanks a lot, from the Gamboa's

George Gamboa Google Review

5 Stars!

tamara Hoag Google Review

Incredible people and extremely friendly and helpful. Our car broke down in Ashland on our way to California and it was towed there. It was past closing for the shop but the gas station tenants help place the car. They assured that since we were traveling that it'll be looked at first thing in the morning. My friend and I were on a strict budget and could hardly afford a hotel knowing the cost of repairs. They allowed us to pitch our tent in the field behind the shop which felt perfectly safe with a tenant working overnight. First thing in the morning they ran a diagnostic and our fuel pump went out. The reason for 4 starts is because they quoted us for a $775 fuel pump when we knew perfectly well that was way too much We took an uber to O'Rileys and got a $400 pump. When we got back they started working on it immediately. We sat at the picnic table while they worked and it only took a couple hours. All of the staff was sooo friendly and intelligent.

Natalie Holcomb Google Review

we had our wipers break during a down pour while coming home from california and got stuck and we waited out the rain and got to their shop and they were able to fix them enough so we could get back on the road i am thankful for them and appreciate them saving us since the state pd and the insurance and the 911 would not do anything to help us

Barbara Boronda Google Review

4 Stars!

Rhonda Chambers Google Review

Thank you Miles, Greg, Adam and all the techs that figured out my Jeeps issues. Their compassion and help saved my trip and day! Thank you for everything!!

Suzy Tannenbaum Valley View Auto Repair Customer Review

Don't let the aesthetics of this place fool you. It looks a bit rough, but is a great place to have your vehicle worked on.

Vince has always been straight with me about what needs done and what gets done.

This is the only place in town I take my car. It's been here a few times over the last couple years and I've always been treated fairly.

The shop provides a shuttle service if needed, because there is literally nothing within walking distance.

Alan C Google Review

Great people, amazing work and fast

Darci Toth Google Review

5 Stars!

Tiffany Lee Google Review

Nothing but great experiences there...very fair and knowledgeable...will and have recommended

Bob Schubbe Valley View Auto Repair Customer Review

This is one of the best shops in Oregon. We had our transmission blow a seal on our way from Portland to San Diego. We were almost to the Summit of the last big mountain pass before you get the California border. We reached out to the shop after already calling around. Did I mention we were pulling a Travel Trailer? I got a hold of Vince who gave me a great tow company to use.(best price as well) not only are the open on weekends but they have a space for a RV to park with hook up. He said we can get parked there and first thing they would take a look at it. We all did not have a good feeling, we thought the transmission was going to need to be replaced. They were able to get not only it fixed but also replaced my water pump before the shop closed. Curt one of the many great mechanics there did an amazing job and is an awesome person. Myles did everything he could to prevent transmission replacement. He went above and beyond. I wouldn’t hesitate to ever use this company. Good people here. Also did I mention this was all done on a Saturday after breaking down around 4-5pm on a Friday night?

Bryan Kelley Google Review

Fantastic quick to help us. Thank you

A Google User Google Review

My car broke down in Ashland and I had it towed here. The mechanics diagnosed my problem as a broken timing belt/camshaft. I decided to do the work myself but they didn't charge me a dime for leaving my car for a couple days or the diagnostic. Overall great experience.

Michael Fernandez Google Review

This garage is fantastic. Their prices are fair and they do the job right. They have a group of great diagnosticians and are very careful with the vehicle. I take all of my cars to them.

Howard Getzoff Google Review

I am so fortunate to meet the honest professionals at Valley View. My Chevy van is such a happy engine after our trip Valley View! Also, I am impressed by the fellas' knowledge of my unique conversion model. Good business practices are found here.

Aubrey Fitzgerald Valley View Auto Repair Customer Review

Got a flat, guy came out and changed the tire for us. Couldn't fix it, but on our way to les Schwab. No charge (but did tip)

Colleen Scotten Google Review

4 Stars!

Charlie Goedel Google Review

Integrity. Honest Owner. and good mechanics, so i bought a used car from Valley View, signing an 'as is' contract also,. turned out it had a major mechanical problem... The boss, Greg took it back and refunded my money,. Wow, thank You Valley View!!

Dan Covan Google Review

Heading to California for spring break with the family and our '93 Eurovan broke down going up the pass south of Ashland late Saturday afternoon. On another shop's recommendation had it towed to Valley View after hours and the attendant was very helpful. The next morning Miles and his excellent team of mechanics were working on it at 8am, quickly diagnosed the problem, provided recommendations and options, and pulled out all the stops to have the work done by noon. They even shuttled our family, dog, and gear from our hotel in Medford to the shop for free. The work was done at a very reasonable price. We expected to be stranded for days and cancel our trip, so we lucked out to find these excellent mechanics - and on a weekend! Couldn't have asked for more - wish I could get this kind of service from my mechanic at home!

Jeff Winkler Google Review

This garage is fantastic. Their prices are fair and they do the job right. They have a group of great diagnosticians and are very careful with the vehicle. I take all of my cars to them.

Howard Getzoff Google Review

***** Five Star Rating from me.

This place is great. I am new to OR and didn't know where to go to resolve a 'Check Engine' light problem. After reading some of the reviews I decided to take a chance at the Valley View 76. They provided me with a ride back to my house while they worked on the car. The mechanic called to give me the results of the investigation. It turns out that one of the emissions system was crushed/melted. He repaired it for the cost of an hour's labor. He then told me that the engine ran colder than normal (I knew it from watching the temperature needle...almost never above C) and the cost to repair would be $125...BUT...he said there was no rush to doing it and, in fact, I might never want to have it done. Great communication from a mechanic, I thought.

Yesterday I had a slow leak in a tire and took it to them, again. Within 10 minutes they had the tire off, repaired, and brought all tire pressures up to recommendation. For $12.50 I was thrilled.

I take the car in for oil change tomorrow and expect the same excellent service I received when they changed the oil in my pickup. $19.95 = good deal.

A Google User Google Review

Came in because car was making funny noise on my way to Seattle on a Sun afternoon. Two mechanics took a look at it and listened to the noise. They figured out it was a quick but unusual fix and we were on the road again in less than an hour. Thanks guys!

Laura G. Yelp Review

Nothing but good things to say about the help Myles and Frank gave us. Our car was not working on a trip through Ashland and Myles ran a quick diagnostic on the car. He determined the transmission had gone out and we were 300 miles from home. Their free shuttle service helped us get around while we sorted out what to do. Very grateful that they were open during a holiday weekend. Thank you Valley View Auto repair.

Jesse L. Yelp Review

Had a great experience with this auto shop - amazing service. My husband and I were on a roadtrip from CA and staying at the Econo Lodge across the street. My car was progressively slow to start over the course of a day and wouldn't crank at all one morning. Miles from Valley View came over in his personal vehicle to make sure it wasn't a battery issue that he could jump start. He recommended we call a local AAA-certified towing company that he had a good relationship with, and they had us over to the auto repair shop within an hour despite the holiday weekend rush. These guys had my starter replaced within a few hours, gave us free shuttle rides to/from downtown Ashland during the repair, and gave me pointers on my tires while they were at it. Fair pricing, no haggling, totally professional straight shooters. No complaints! Thanks Valley View Auto Repair!

Sarah L. Yelp Review

My daughter and I stopped here during our road trip from California to Portland, OR when we were concerned about our older car losing power and running rough while climbing the mountains. We were helped right away. The mechanics were super friendly, knowledgable, and spent time thoroughly looking over the car for us and taking it for a drive. The mechanic that was attending to our car, Myles, took time to show us where the different dip sticks and fluids were located under the hood as he checked them. In the end, nothing was found to be wrong with our car but it gave us the confidence to continue on with our trip. And best of all, he did the the diagnostic check with no charge. So helpful and kind.

Candi O. Yelp Review

I'd give them 10 stars if I could. I broke down on my way to California late on a Saturday night. Sunday morning, they had changed my alternator and got my car back on the road by 9am - on SUNDAY. Miles, the mechanic was kind and helpful. FYI people in Ashland are scary nice. It's like a secret mountain Oasis of polite people. Fair, honest, fast, amazing.

Todd G. Yelp Review

We received a call from our daughter driving back to U of O from California. Her car had developed a vibration whenever she applied the brakes. After a phone call and a quick search I found Valley view on yelp. Seeing it was Sunday afternoon I was happy to find a place to have the car checked out!
They absolutely lived up to the reviews. After a quick check it was determined that she had heated up the brakes coming down the mountain into Ashland. They checked it all out and hand her back on the road, and no charge! Fantastic place!

Bonnie B. Yelp Review

My car's Engine Check light was on for hours before I arrived in Ashland, so I took the car in to these folks. After checking the computer and the engine, they explained that the check engine code was for a non-serious condition, and I could wait till after I went home (to California) before getting it fixed. Also they found two coolant leaks, but explained that they were minor and so I could wait and get them fixed at home. No charge for the diagnosis! I would go here again.

Dale K. Yelp Review

I had hit a big rock which high-centered my vehicle. I wanted to have the underbody inspected for possible damage. Greg got me in the morning that I called. The inspection was free of charge and was completed very quickly. I appreciated the honesty and professionalism.

Chandra M. Yelp Review

We stopped in here to check our tires when the gauge lit up. They were super helpful and helped us for free, with a great manner.

Dan H. Yelp Review

These guys are knowledgeable,honest and fair, and the most curteous car people I've ever dealt with. I would not hesitate to take my car there for any repairs.

Leon D. Yelp Review

Last night we left La Quinta about 5:15, heading into town. Our plan was to stake out a place on the brick wall to watch the Green Show, a collaboration between the Portland Cello Project and Adam Matta. This year we have Nina's car, a 2006 Camry. As she backed it up we heard a scraping sound and as she started to drive away the scraping continued. We stopped to check out was what was going on. She looked and then motioned to me to come look. Hanging down was a piece of plastic that belonged under the car. We were on the road beside the 76 gas station.

As we discussed what to do, Curt, a mechanic at Valley View Auto Repair, called out to us, asking what was wrong. We told him we weren't sure. He left the car he was working on (who works at 5:115 on a Sunday?) and came over to take a look. He and his colleagues agreed it was pretty simple to fix and happens all the time. They were very sweet and reassuring. Curt asked Nina where the car had been parked and walked over there to find a couple of parts that were missing, clips to hold the thing in place. He found them, but one was broken, so he went into the shop and got another. He moved the car he was working on off the lift and put Nina's onto it. In just a few minutes he had returned the dangling piece to its proper place. He lowered the lift, drove Nina's car off it, said 'Merry Christmas' and started to walk away. Nina insisted he take *something*.

We made it to town, staked out our place, had dinner and enjoyed the concert before seeing 'Don Quixote' in the outdoor theatre. Curt completely rescued us and we were very appreciative.

Toni M. Yelp Review

The service here was awesome, I blew a radiator hose going up Mt. Ashland, and they wereble to get the part AND fix it TODAY! (Sunday) The guys were all really nice and very professional, and best of all, FAIRLY PRICED! They even gave me a AAA discount on the part. THANKS MYLES AND ADAM !

Robin W. Yelp Review

Thank you to all of the wonderful clients of Valley View Auto Repair who took time to write about this awesome location! I read some of the reviews and drove an hour to have a simple repair done to my car because I liked what I was reading about this location and really had a perfect experience there. All was fixed immediately, quickly and at a more than affordable rate. Great energy, kind, authentic and honest friendly mechanics and crew there. Thank you Valley Viiew Auto guys ROCK!!! They do get 5 stars big time!!!! *****

Sol R. Yelp Review

While moving from Oregon to California my wife noticed that something on our car was dragging the ground. It is never fun to have car issues, but especially stressful while moving and it being a Sunday. Fortunately, we were able to find this awesome repair shop thru Yelp. The mechanic checked our car right away and found a latch to the oil tank had not been closed properly when our oil was changed at Jiffy Lube the previous day. Luckily no damage was done and the mechanic took care of it right away. He declined to charge us anything since it was such an easy fix and also checked all fluid levels in our car without charge. He also gave us good advice on avoiding places like Jiffy Lube to have your car serviced. We purchased gas here to at least give them some form of business. The gentlemen who filled our gas were very friendly and checked our oil levels. Could not recommend more highly. Thank you Myles!

Ryan L. Yelp Review

I HIGHLY recommend Valley View Auto Repair (the garage associated with the 76 next to the La Quinta at Exit 19 in Ashland). I personally recommend Myles as an AWESOME technician.

My car started acting up on a long trip with no clear reason, and Myles spent many hours trying to diagnose the problem. Turns out a part of my car that wasn't supposed to break wound up breaking, and Myles figured it out. His explanation was very logical and he was very honest and upfront about what was wrong. While it cost a few hundred dollars to fix, I had no qualms about forking over the money.

Not to mention while my car was getting fixed they offered a FREE shuttle into Ashland.

Seriously, whether you are simply traveling through Southern Oregon or live in Ashland, I'd recommend Myles and company at Valley View Auto Repair as your mechanic.

Dan P. Yelp Review

I selected Valley View Auto Repair based upon all the rave reviews they've received & have to say I can't agree more with everyone! I'm from the SF Bay area & had my car towed over to Valley View today & soon Myles was examining my car thoroughly to figure out why I had received a big red triangle warning light that had an exclamation point inside of it. He scoured everything imaginable & couldn't find anything that would've set it off. So, he sent me on my way saying if the warning light returned, come back to him. NO CHARGE! Can't tell you how much I appreciated his honesty & how nice he was. What a find Valley View is!!

Phyllis O. Yelp Review

The guys at this shop are the nicest people I have ever met! I highly highly highly recommend this shop to anyone and everyone! I went to Ashland for a weekend getaway with my boyfriend and when we went to leave my car wouldn't start! We were staying at the La Quinta Inn which, thank god, was located right next to this shop. I walked over and just asked for a jump because I assumed it was the battery so one of the guys came over and tried jumping it, it didn't do any thing. So he went back to the shop and asked another guy to come over. This guy had worked with GM which was perfect because my car is a Saturn. This man got down under my car, in the cold and snow and checked my battery and starter and that still wasn't it. So he asked the main guy to come over and he had them roll my car to the shop. They then inspected my car and figured out it was a security problem that locked up my car. The main guy checked the internet for the codes and reset my car or whatever magic he performed! They dropped what they were doing to help me and didn't even charge me! I seriously am so grateful for these people and owe them!

Taylor B. Yelp Review

Knowledgeable and honest. We have been taking our cars here for years and have never been disappointed. These are the only mechanics I would take my car to without my husband present, because I know they won't take advantage of me. The best!

Robynne W. Yelp Review

Good fast service for my oil change and tire rotation. I'm a happy customer.

Alex S. Yelp Review

Great service! Great prices! As a college student with a recently acquired vehicle, my first oil and filter change went as smoothly as possible. The whole staff is so helpful. Highly recommend this place to any college student looking for great and affordable service. $19.95 for an oil and filter change

Laurel L. Yelp Review

Was driving down I-5 and heard the most horrible noise coming from my wheels. I pulled over and saw their shop. They took the time to take off my wheel and remove the rock from my brakes. They were very friendly and they didn't even charge me. Thanks again!

Sean C. Yelp Review

We were heading to Ashland Oregon from Crescent City in our RV, when we noticed our auto air conditioning stopped working. First, it didn't get cold, then, later, the dash blower stopped working.
When we arrived in Ashland, I used Yelp on my Android EVO to locate an auto Air Conditioning repair shop. we found one 5 star review. It's always unnerving to go to a business that you're not familiar with to repair a critical system because you totally feel at their mercy, and frankly, auto repair shops in general don't have a good rep.
If every there was one to change that outlook, it was the good folks at Valley View Auto Repair. I called late on a Sunday afternoon, explained my problem, and made an appointment for 8am on Monday.
When I arrived, Miles (the lead tech) took some time with me to understand the problem and diagnosed a blower motor problem. He fully explained my options and we agreed on the replacement. This was handled quickly and professionally. Unfortunately, this was not the only problem, because on two separate test drives, the problem recurred. Myles studied the wiring diagram, tech manuals, and online reports to refine the diagnoses to an intermittent short in the compressor clutch.
To make a long (8 hour) story short, they got a new replacement compressor installed in time for us to sleep in our RV that night. Much more work was involved than the original (very reasonable) estimate, and additional parts were required, but they held to the original estimate. Myles told me 'sometimes you can do an hours job in 20 minutes, sometimes it goes a little longer, it evens out' and wouldn't take any additional money.
They had 3 (sometimes 4) techs working on my RV for over 3 hours, and still stuck to the original estimate.
If I could give 10 stars, I would. If you need an emergency auto repair while in Ashland Oregon, don't even think of going anywhere else.

Tony T. Yelp Review

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